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buick 90L

Guest nagene

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Try Dave Tacheny (he should give me a discount as I refer him so often) Area number is 763 ? now, not 612

The Largest Vintage Buick gallery on the web - PreWarBuick.com

The best man on planet Earth for late '30s Buick parts is Dave Tacheny. Believe it! Mail your want list to him at 11949 Oregon Ave. N., Champlin, MN 55316, or call 612-427-3460.
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Guest outlaw car man

I might make a suggestion- Check and see if the rear vent windows are the same for all 1936 4 doors, as opposed to just the 90 series. You might find the only thing that is longer is the rear 1/4 windows, somewhere in the 4" longer area, the vent being the same.

Might check that out and look for any 36 rear vent window.


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Looking in the 1928-41 Master Parts List of Body Parts series 90 are unique parts.

Even 80 series have different part numbers

Ventilator assembly part 10.990 group 4065189 for 36 4919 (91) 4923 (90) 4933 (90L)

However you never know what may fit

Some good images here of 1936 90 http://forums.aaca.org/f165/1936-mclaughlin-buick-photos-231988.html

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