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I do not know what model scanner you have, but my Auto Xray takes several tries before it will connect. You will notice the IPC will act oddly when it connects, and it may drop out. The problem on the Reatta is the communication link between the ECM and BCM which interferes wih a clean connection. You do know the Reatta has a built in diagnostic function and scan ability? I now use TunerPro RT which is a laptop program available free online.

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Just to offer my 2 cents. I learned this because I also have an 85 Corvette C4 and all cars made before 1996 use ODB1 connectors. After 1996 they use ODB2 connectors, if you went to AutoZone and bought a scan tool, they will all be ODB2 connectors (or so I've seen) it's a totally different plug and will not fit your ODB1.

You can look here and build your own cable

WinALDL - 160 baud ALDL reader

Or you can look here and order you a cable.

ALDL OBD1 OBD cable OBDI OBD2 engine codes

I would suggest this one. OBD Diagnostics, Inc. - ALDL (GM OBD1) Cable with 12 pin Connector

As most modern laptops will not have a parallel port and this cable will give you the 5V you need to power it as USB ports have power. Make sure you check the chart on their page to make double sure it fits your car. I know it works great on my 85 Vette.

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Are three different ALDL plugs for GM: 80-82 used a single row plug, 82-94ish used a dual row plug with 12 pins, after 94 they used a regular OBD-II plug dual row 16 pins.

When trying to figure out your problem it helps to have photographs of the connector and the plug in question.

ps before OBD-II other car companies all had their own connectors.

pps CCC (early GM) was 160 baud. P4 (about 86-94 ) was 8192 baud but where an engine did not change (e.g. 2.8 Chevvy in a Fiero) it stayed 160 much longer.

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