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1928 Commander Monroe Shock Absorber Installation Question

Guest stude8

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Guest stude8

I am re-installing the front axle Monroe Hydraulic Shock Absorbers on my 1928 Studebaker Commander Model GB and have run into a question about which route the anchor strap follows from shock arm to axle anchor bracket?

The shocks were removed from the car and came with it in a bucket when I received the car. I have cleaned and repainted the shock mounting brackets and installed them on the chassis frame rails and now have rebuilt the shock for right front axle and can't decide what is the correct path to route the woven strap from the shock arm to the axle anchor bracket #150711. The strap has to pass rather close to the Perrot brake shaft between the wheel backing plate and frame mounted ball joint.

If someone has Monroe shocks on their car [Group Q4] can you tell me what the correct path is for the Strap 91X (30-1/2" long) from the shock arm end to axle anchor bracket? forward of the brake shaft (Axle bracket 150711 facing forward?) or rearward of the brake shaft (Axle bracket 150711 facing rearward?)

The part catalog [Group Q4) lists two different make shocks for GB models, Monroe or Wahl. Shocks were an accessory part then and are not illustrated in the service manual in a installed figuration.





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