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Electrical Problem


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After only a few minutes of driving this morning, the Electrical Problem light illuminated on my dash. I pulled over, turned the car off, let it sit for a few minutes, then started it again. A few minutes later, same thing.

I went into diagnostics: It shows; no E code




The car is running fine. No discernable problems.

I take it the top and bottom codes are history, and the middle code is current.

What does it mean?


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This weekend I pulled the battery and coolant overflow container to get to all the connections. All were tight with no corrosion. I took them all apart anyway, scrubbed with a wire brush, cleaned with electrical cleaner spray and retightened. Went for a test drive and within seconds the Electrical Problem light illuminated. Still the same code; b410c (or h). Now what?

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Problem appears to be fixed: After checking all my connections again I took the car on another test drive. The Electrical Problem light illuminated again but I decided to keep driving. Within a few minutes the light went off. It has stayed off after several off and restarts. I was getting ready to pull the seats. Glad I don't have to do that, yet.

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Sean you were right. I took my car to my local mechanic, I've been going there for years so I don't get charged just for checking something out, and the manager drives a nice '85 T-type, and he confirmed my alternator was bad.

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