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NEED Generator Top Cover Assembly (Part No. D-14868) for 1922 Buick

Guest Texas Old Car Guy

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Guest Texas Old Car Guy

Does anyone happen to have an extra generator for a 1922 Buick which still has the top cover? As you can see from the following photos, mine has seen better days and has rusted through. The patent data plate cleans up nicely but it also has issues since both of the rivet holes have torn through. I just need the cover - not the generator itself. Note the photo from the Buick Book of Parts shows two small holes diagonally however mine originally only had the two holes for the patent data plate which are about 2-1/2 inches apart and centered on the cover. Even if you have one with the diagonal holes like the book of parts shows, I'd be interested - I can always fill in the holes and re-drill new holes.


Thanks for your help in getting this old Buick back on the road - I'm doing a ground-up restoration on it and it has been parked in a barn for 65 years (still had the 1947 Texas license plates on it when I bought it).




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