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Guest 1963 Riviera

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Guest 1963 Riviera

Hi Guys

Anyone know where I can get New staples for the door fuzzies. Its amazing how difficult they are to track down :mad:


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I've replaced the window weather strips in several cars using "staples" I made from galvanized wire. Here is what I did:

1.grind off the existing staples using an abrasive wheel on a Dremel tool or something similiar.

2.Locate the new weather stripping in place on the mating part and clamp it fast.

3.Transfer the existing staple hole locations to the new weatherstrip.

4.Drill the staple holes in the new weatherstrip with a drill just slightly larger than the wire you will use.

5.Make new "staples" from the wire to the approximate same size as the original staples.

6.Install the weatherstrip on the mating part and align the holes. Insert the new staples into the holes and bend over the ends.

If you are careful to get good alignment of the holes in your parts everything will go back together just fine. I've done this many times with great results and it looks original when completed. GM must have used some monster power stapler back when the parts were originally made but if you just reuse the existing holes it will be easy attach the new weatherstrip. Hope this helps.

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Guest 1963 Riviera
Better yet, go to Sears ad get a box of heavy duty staples. Same size, same look, better price.


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