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NEED Main Tube Nut, left for 1922 Buick Model 6-44

Guest Texas Old Car Guy

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Guest Texas Old Car Guy

Does anyone have a parts chassis or extra rear end lying around which would have the Main Tube Nut, left, part no. 62989. It is the large, thin six-sided nut that holds the driver's side rear wheel to the rear end housing and is underneath the rear wheel hub. This large nut is on the driver's side and therefore has LEFT HAND THREADS (reverse threads). According to the Buick Book of Parts, the same nut was used on the following 6 cylinder cars: Model 44 (Roadster), 45 (Touring), 46 (Coupe) and 47 (Sedan). If you have the parts book it is pictured on Plate No. 25 and is listed on page 55. It measures 2-1/2 inches O.D. and the opening measures 1-7/8 inches I.D. It is 1/2 inch thick and again it has LEFT HAND THREADS.


Thanks for your help in getting this great old Buick back on the road - I'm doing a ground-up restoration and it has been parked in a barn for 65 years (still had the Texas 1947 license plates on it when I bought it).

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