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1963 - 1965 Riviera Interior Screw kit


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That Mr. G is good! I received the new screw kit from him today. Pictures of the screws and the application list are attached. Also included in every order is a CD of his catalog.

Some of you had questions about screws other than those that would be seen when opening the car door but not opening the glove box, tiltling a seat forward, etc.

I sent those screws along but Glenn (Mr. G) wanted to keep this kit uniform with his others. BUT, he did send me an example and a part number for each screw that I sent to him that he didn't put in the kit.

I'll make a complete list with part numbers and ask that Ray publish in a future edition of the Riview. Here's a list of the extra screws that he sent that he has available:

  • Courtesy light in glove box
  • blove box liner
  • sun visor tension
  • front seat bumper


  • button cover for seat pivot
  • seat belt shoulder bolt

The only thing he didn't come up with that I requested was the stop for the bucket seat lean back. So just make sure that when you're reupholstering your seats, you don't lose yours.




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Thanks to everyone who has responded so positively.

It wasn't really that hard. I just got lucky and found a car that was pretty much virgin other than missing an engine. I actually bought it for some sheet metal for my own '63 and parts to sell. The seats had been reupholstered sometime ago, but everything else was in tact.

Luckily there was at least one good example of each screw still in place (along with a lot of rusty ones; some of which are still rusted in place.) I gave my younger step son a pile of index cards, a pen, and a box of zip lock bags. I'd start pulling a screw and tell him what it was for and how many were needed. By the time I got the screw out, he'd have the card filled out and he'd drop the card and screw into the baggie. Not rocket science. Just lucky to find a car that was complete.

I'm sure that Glenn (Mr. G) will be happy to take your order. Right now it's easier to phone him than email him; he's having some problems with his email right now.

Thanks again,


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Hi Ed, is http://www.mrgusa.com wrong? i got " unknown host" thanks Nicolas

I mentioned earlier that his email was not working correctly, and his email is tied to his website. Perhaps it's just a matter of time.

In the meantime, his phone number is (817) 831-3501. His name is Glenn Garrison. The part number you're looking for is GM 1117.

While you've got him on the phone, you might mention that his website is down.



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I received this same kit from Mr. G's for my 65. It is very handy to have all the screws available at your fingertips. Previously, I was scouring through bins and buckets and coffee cans to find the right fastener. Occasionally, a substitute was used, now I can identify and replace those with the correct screw!


Nice people to deal with as well!


Peter Hoemsen 

ROA # 6910

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