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1962 Starfire Heater Valve

Guest dstaton

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Guest dstaton

Hello Folks,

My heater valve has a broken nipple for the vacuum line. A replacement is rare, of course. Any suggestions for getting the heater core to flow?

My thoughts range from soldering or epoxying a new nipple, to purchasing an approximate part (see photo). What does the mounting flange/escutcheon do? Would the eBay approximation part merely be a problem with alignment with the heater core hose, or moreover with the mechanical aspect of mounting? Does the block have the proper threads for the eBay approximation?

I am avoiding draining he radiator to remove it until the part comes as I am still working on the electric..!

Thanks for your beta,




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You can try soldering a new nipple on, I would do that first.

The new one has an NPT that will fit into the mounting base off the old one. You will not have any issue with positioning the direction of the valve because of the NPT’s tapered thread and it should work fine with depth clearance etc.

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