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Blue paint colors used on 1937 Buicks?


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I'm leaning towards painting my 37 Buick Roadmaster blue.

I'm finding conflicting information on original blue colors available for the 1937 Buick.

The 1937-1937 Buick site shows of available blue paint as Chancellor Blue, Sudan Blue, and Ottawa Blue. See:


The paintref.com site lists Bruce Blue and Steel Blue. See

1937 Color Codes - Buick Paint Cross-Reference

I found a picture of a car that is Sudan Blue at:

1937 and 1938 Buicks www.1937and1938Buicks.com

Can anyone help me with some questions:

1) Does anyone have a photo of a car painted Chancellor Blue they can share?

2) Does anyone have a photo of a car painted Ottawa Blue they can share?

3) Does anyone know if the paintref.com blue colors are matches to the original buick names and, if so, which is which?

4) Is there a modern paint formulation available for the blue that is not listed on the paintref.com?


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Take a look at this site: Color Chip Selection That is the same paint chip chart for '37 Buicks that we have in the AACA Library.

My 37 Business Coupe was originally painted Sudan Blue but a previous owner painted it a much lighter blue. Eventually I will repaint the whole car Sudan Blue but last summer I had the wheels painted Sudan Blue. I got the PPG paint from TCPGlobal. They were quick to ship and it was my first lesson that paint is not cheap. Local paint shops did not have a modern formula and I didn't have enough of a flat sample that they could scan. I was very pleased with the finished wheels & I am happy I had someone else paint them for me.

Here is a picture of my finished wheels.



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Dick Beckely's car appears to be Chancellor Blue (Gainsborough Blue in 1938). In my opinion Sudan Blue (Botticelli Blue in 1938) looks better on coupes and convertibles than 4dr sedans, like I said that's just my opinion as you could certainly have it on a sedan.

Ottawa Blue I'm going off memory here but wasn't that either same as Chancellor Blue or a McLaughlin (Canada) Buick only color. I believe there is some info in the old Torque Tubes on that. check them at 1937 and 1938 Buicks www.1937and1938Buicks.com

On Paintref.com not sure where they got their names as all 37 Buick colors were British Royal Empire-esqu in name (1938 were all named for artists). Also they not Bruce Blue as metallic - Chancellor Blue is NOT metallic but Sudan Blue is.

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Thanks everone for the info.

I would tend to agree that Sudan blue may be a little too bright for a large sedan, but that depends on what your going for. It looks very contempory, and would look great on a coupe or hot rod.

The color chip I found for for Ottawa Blue looked more green than blue and one manufacterer actually labeled it as Ottawa Green.


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