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Question about oil consumption 1936 Buick Special


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Hello All,

Hope everyone is enjoying their cars this summer!! I am…darn gas prices going up thought :(

Question about oil consumption.

My 1936 Buick Special is losing a lot oil lately. I know that it does burn a little oil on start up but no big blue clouds out the back while driving. I seem to be losing about 2 qts of oil in about 400 – 500 miles.

I know there are a few oil drips when parked about the size of a quarter. I also know that the oil is leaking out of the front pulley, distributor shaft, rocker cover and a little drip out of the oil plug. Could I be losing that much oil during that type of trip of 400 to 500 miles. I know this seems like a dumb question, but I only see little dips on my garage floor while setting for weeks and months (during winter). I am thinking that all the oil is blowing out as I drive the car. The underside of the car does have a lot of oil under it.

I just want to make sure that if it was burning that much oil would I see a noticeable amount of blue while traveling 45 to 50 mph? Almost like a constant blue cloud, which it does not do. I do use SAE30.

I just want to note that around 2000 miles ago; the engine had new rings put in. Not valve guides though.

Thanks all.


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I know that the valve guides are somewhat a cause.... but my '49 does the same thing, but oil consumption is a lot less. about 1 qt every 1000 miles which is what i'd expect from an old car with lots of miles....but 2 qts in less than 500. wow!



Your oil use is somewhat excessive... maybe it is the valve guides. Personally I would live with it until the blue smoke becomes noticeable.
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Up to 1 quart in 500 miles would be considered normal. Yours is on the high side. Probably leaking as much as it is burning.

Wow, really that much. I know that the engine has around 92k. My dad and I put new rings in it, but did not touch the crank bearings or rod bearings, has about 30lbs hot oil pressure. But we messed up on the timming cover rope seal, that leaks which is were I think most of the oil is coming out of.


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