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Trim finish on 1936 - 1937 Dodge Speedometer

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I'm trying to decide what condition of speedometer would be best to buy.

Can anyone tell me what the finish is on the trim (silver edge bezel) for a 1936 - 1937 Dodge Speedometer. (see picture)

I know much of the trim on outside of cars of this era was stainless steel that could be polished, but would like to know what it would take to restore the silver trim on this part?



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Hi Mutt,

What you have there is not a '36 Dodge speedo. Those have a white face with black lettering. This MAY be a '35? Not sure though.

The '36 dash trim around the speedo was a "Di-Noc" woodgrained metal dash panel with chromed metal surrounds for the gauge clusters and glove doors. There was a set of woodgrain decals on these chromed surround parts that made them look like they were wood with thin chrome strips around the edges and through the middles.

What kind of car are you trying to fit with this speedometer? If we know that, then we could show more of the particular year.

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Thanks for your help.

You are probably right that this is a speedometer from a '35 Dodge.

The speedometer and two of the gauges on my '37 Buick Roadmaster are broken and are beyond my current budget to repair.

I have been looking for a round speedometer that I can mount in flat panel for a look similar to a '35- or '40+ Buick Roadmaster.

I've been looking for a large round speedometer with at least 5.5 inch ID on Bezel.

I was told the speedometer in the picture is a 30's Dodge and has bezel ID of 5.75 inches.

This will be a bolt on mod to the car, so if I have the cash later on, I may have the original Buick instrument cluster repaired.

If anyone else has a round speedometer with comparable dimensions, I would appreciate the other suggestions.



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