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1947 Studebaker-based Pierce-Arrow What-If


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This is a follow-up to the 1938 Pierce Arrow Silver Arrow Design post of several months ago that explored P-A survival strategies. This image work-up uses the Land Cruiser's body shell and works in unique, longer front and rear fenders, decklid and hood. Rear door outers are new too. Backlight is a smaller one piece that replaces Studebaker's wrap-around two piece. Wheelbase lengthens from 123 to 135 inches. I didn't attempt to restyle the front and rear so try to imagine a suitable Pierce look. A major issue would have been the narrower width of these post-war Studebakers compared to full-sized American luxury cars even though the interior is commendably wide and roomy. Under this body sharing scenario Pierce would have headed down a different path than Cadillac, Lincoln et al, adopting a more sporting, slender appearance not unlike the high end European cars.

Many thanks to the owner of the mint condition Studebaker.



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