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1st Show at Hershey


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I have just sent my registration card to AACA for the Fall Hershey Meet. I am a long time

member and never had a car I thought worth showing. Eight years ago I inherited a great

car from my father. This car has 33,000 miles on it and was all original. Two years ago the

battery exploded in the engine bay and I sent it to a local shop for some light under the hood

resto. When I had the car in the shop, I had the rear bumper replated and wide white radial

tires installed. My question is, I entered it in the HPOF class and am not sure what to expect

as far a judging goes. What should I do as far as prep goes before the show? At what point do

you find out if the car was awarded anything? Thanks in advance for your help. I am looking

forward to showing.


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Dave congrats on the car! I'll preface my statement with..it's your car and do what makes you happy :)

For HPOF, the car should be original, so the replating should be a deduction. Too late now, but best to buy another bumper next time and keep the original one just in case. If BIAS ply tires were original to car, should also be a deduction. The big question however is the "light under the hood resto" and without seeing tough to tell and you may get different answers here due to that. If you just touched up the spots that got the battery acid, and replaced some maintenance parts maybe that got damaged, wires, cap, etc..may be OK. However, not an expert here, you may be automatically disqualified if the engine and engine compartment was all repainted. Have only been to one national meet so not 100% sure, but saw an old 40's Ford get disqualified locally at a meet for resto in engine bay. For prep of car, a good cleaning should be it. Remove any aftermarket items or anything not original to car...(ie aftermarket mats, cup holders, custom license plate frames, etc..)

Again, I know too late, but in a case like yours, if HPOF is desired, just wash battery acid off best as can and leave as is...spots and all!! :) As I heard one judge mention, your car is a reference to all who are restoring. May seem minor, but taking a spray can to clean up some bolts and such can be an issue.

You find out at the awards ceremony Sat night, or afterwards when results posted here if not attending Sat night. Good luck..and most importantly...have fun!!

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