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model A top wood help

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My dad has the bought the wood for the bottom of his '30 2 door, but didn't think about the top wood. Now he is running out of $$ and in a hurry to finish the A.

He is looking for old A wood, or even one in Utah or nearby that he can take measurements from.

Anything leads appreciated.


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Why fool with old wood when I believe new parts are available? I know that it seems that the price is high but you'll spend alot more trying to find and repair old wood. Old wood,even if it's in good shape may be shrunk and may not fit! Does he not have any of the top wood? It must have been there when he purchased the car or did he scrap it without consideration? The old wood can be used as patterns. Fortunately,the wood in a tudor is less structural and more for the installation of the windows and interior. One tip--never get in a hurry,you'll do stupid things to cut corners and ruin the restoration and value of your car!

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