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TC gas tab trim -- What do you think


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I added TC trim to the gas door tab. I cut a piece out from a 90/91 piece of stearing wheel trim.

TC gas tab trim.JPG

I modified a Daytona tab. I used a razor saw to cut the front tip off the gas tab. I rotated it superglued it back in place.

IMG_1195 cropped.jpg

I then epoxyed it to the piece that was cut from the 90/91 steering weel trim. When epoxy dried I blacked out the edges and slipped the tab on.

IMG_1201 cropped.jpg

IMG_1187 cropped.jpg

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Guest My TC Toy

I prefer the original black one. It seems to hide the lever a little better. Sorry! But if you like the woodgrain one better, that's fine too, it's your car.

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Guest george w

Looks a little too short to fill the plastic housing opening, but it looks OK. Kind of calls attention to itself. Could be a good thing or a bad thing. To each his own.

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