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A pair of 1948 Pontiac Woodies

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I acquired a pair of 1948 Pontiac Woodies, needing a full restoration.

I am a Buick Woodie lover, and the Pontiacs are close, and getting closer by the day!!

I started a thread in the Buick section, since I am usually there, and there is much interest in our projects, but it was pointed out to me that perhaps Pontiac people will not see it there.

So I will give you an opportunity to check it out:

Hey, this is something close to Buicks...Pontiacs

Just go to this thread in the BCA section, under "Me and my Buicks".

I am not sure if it will link you there, but if it shows up blue, it should.

Let me know if you try and cannot get there, I will try to help, Mike

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