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1955 Power Steering Pump Removal

Paul Falabella

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Remove pump with bracket; just two bolts ( that by the way go into a water cavity ) vs 6 bolts to detach the shroud from the radiator, 4 bolts to remove the radiator after you take off 3 hoses...then the shroud can be removed. Or you can detach the shroud, remove fan belts, fan and pulleys...then the shroud can be removed.


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Thanks for the heads up Willie,woulda pulled those bolts without draining the rad. Gaskets between the pump and body were thin and saturated so I'm gonna leave the pump alone and just change the gaskets for now. No shaft play and turns freely.

Pulley is only painted on one side,that right?

Wanted to get the pump to head bracket off to paint, but it does not feel like it today,even after consuming half a can of WD40.

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