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Cleaning Original Upholstery in 39 Buick


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I have a 39 Limited with original upholstery. It is tan Bedford Cord on the seats, in really good shape but soiled in spots (some sweat, some oil) after 73 years, so I'm looking for ideas on how to clean the spots without leaving rings or bright spots behind. The owner's manual is not much help - it tells you what you should not do, but not exactly what to do. I don't know where you get Energine or carbon tetrachloride any more - I am pretty sure those would have been standard solutions in 1939 - not now. Any ideas/experience would be appreciated.


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Guest Grant Magrath

I worked in the clothing industry for a number of years and to remove stains, we set up an airless spray gun to shoot a jet of trichloroethylene through the stain, which we held a clean cloth underneath. The stain was pushed on the the cloth behind. Eucalyptis oil can work as well, but with anything like this, USE CAUTION!!!!! And test on unsighted areas first!



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I Had a roof leak in my motor home and the white carpeted ceiling got water stained, We sprayed some woolite oxy spray on it and the stain disappered with no rubbing. Bill

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