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NYC Metro Long Island Trans Repair

Paul Falabella

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Spoke to a recommended tranny shop and they no longer get involved with Dynaflows. Torque tube seems to be the issue.

Anyone in this area use a tranny shop they can recommend? Really just want to get a slow leak fixed. Tranny works OK, downshifts, no odd noises but makes a little red spot on the garage floor.

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Guest shadetree77

From what I've been told around here, you are never going to get a Dynaflow to stop leaking. They supposedly leaked brand new from the factory. I've seen many, many people on here ask about getting one worked on because of a small leak and time and time again the answer was to leave it alone. Dynaflows leak. Seems to be something that you cannot fix. Unless it's absolutely pouring (like mine) I would leave it alone. Now if it's leaking from the torque ball (where the torque tube attaches to the transmission), that can be repaired by installing a new torque ball seal. At any rate, here is the name and number of a gentleman that works on Dynaflows. Not really in your area but you can't really be too picky when it comes to finding someone to work on one of these things. Not too many people left who know how to do it. I've never talked to him personally, but I have seen his name brought up on here several times. Good Luck!

Jim Hughes

Jim's Dynaflow Service

Perrysburg, OH


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Paul-it's been a really long time, but Banner Transmissions in Bellmore did a Powerglide on a buddys '54 Belair years ago. They've been there forever-don't know if it's the same owners though and their website says they do classic cars-just a thought-Dave BCA#46470 1952 56C

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Thanks Dave, Their website includes classic in the description. I will give them a call during the week.

Bobb Howard Transmission did not want get involved(though they used to) because of the torque tube. I believe that is where my leak is coming from. Fellow at the place was looking into other shops for me.

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