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Late 90's Riv help


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Hi guys,

First time posting in the Riviera section so forgive me if this question is somewhat ignorant.

I love the late 90's Riv body style, but I have noticed that although they are very similar (I think the years for the style was 95 - 98) there is one year where it seems the "tail" is much more elongated than other years - I would like to know what year this particular style was out. And I hope you understand my question! I'd love to get one some day, but need to know what year it is I am so fond of - I usually see them driving down the street or parked somewhere and the owner is not around to ask "what year is that?"

Thanks in advance for the help in identifying!

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Here's a link to the Riviera Owners Assn. website that is part of the "Evolution of the Riviera" series. This link is for the '95, read it, then at the bottom you can click to the next link on the other years 96 - 99. I think there are no exterior differences as noticeable as you are describing. Hopefully the accompanying pictures will help.


Welcome to the Riviera Owners Association Homepage

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