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1955 Oldsmobile Super 88 Stainless Side Trim


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Up for sale is a set of side stainless for a '55 Oldsmobile Super 88 2-door hardtop. I don't know that much about Oldsmobiles, so it may fit other models. The trim I have drops down off of the quarter panels right behind the doors, goes back on the quarter panel, turns and goes up to the front fenders. I have both the driver side and passenger side. I am missing one of the small pieces that starts on the top of the quarter panel, I believe it is the passenger side one. Only other real flaw is the spot welds came loose were the trim comes to a point on the drivers side. All in all, the stainless is in great shape and would polish up nicely. Asking $125.00 for all of it with buyer paying shipping. Inquire if you would like to see pictures of it. Thanks for looking!

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