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NEW 55 dashboard inserts


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Hi guys,

First let me say thanks to Bhigdog for hooking me up with this lead.

I have just received the approved prototype for the turned dash inserts for the small series 55's. While not correct, they will fit 55 Specials and I believe 54 small series for hot rod styling.

They are made from engine turned aluminum with a protective coating on them.

There are two things to note if you want these, both issues come from the fact that the manufacturing process can not form the hump around the radio and ashtrays.

1) You WILL NEED radio surround and ashtray escutcheons from a Special.

2) Due to limitations on the forming equipment, the panel on the glovebox door does not wrap over the top edge of the door. It DOES wrap around the sides.

The pieces that end at the glovebox are prebent, just like the originals.

These panels were originally held in place just by the stainless trim on the bottom, and the bottom edge of the dashboard top. These reproductions have a peel off 3M adhesive on the back to help it stay in place.

I am going to try to keep the cost in the $425 (shipped) range to BCA members. Non-BCA members will be $500 plus shipping.

If you want to have your originals redone, call Doug Seybold. I believe he charges $700.

I will have them available for shipping in approximately a month.

If enough interest is shown, I will have more made.




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