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1946 buick parts second batch

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46 buick roadmaster convertible parts

1947 buick roadmaster parts for sale

Grill $200 w/ all attached tin

rear bumper $200 - pending sale

convertible pocket tin $50 for set

rear fender rock guards w/ trim - good shape no rust and will polish up well $100 ea $175 for set

rear fender popouts w/ trim (in front of rear fender) $100 ea $175 for set

Seat springs rear and front $50 Ea

drivers side front fender $150

driver side inner fender $50

rear window access cover passenger side $20

rear window mechanism w/ handle and trim ring $50 ea

outer door handles w/ lock & cover $40 ea

air filter element $20

trim mounting hardware - rear window $20

trim back half near top - some damage $50 set (2 pieces

kick plate aluminum w./ Buick insignia oxidized $20

trim - passenger fender top - $30

Rear window frame $40 ea

center console / speaker area with switches $100

Door catch $10

Rear window chrome on outside window $30 ea $50 set

Rear window chrome inside window $25 Ea $40 set

Rear window inner trim pieces not chrome not stainless - removable painted pieces inside full length of window. $20 ea

I can go back and get the other fenders if somebody shows solid interest - driver rear $200 passenger rear and front $100 ea.

See all the stuff at:

Brian in Carson City NV
77five two97 six397

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It has one ding at the front. It was shot at from the other side and the bullet didnt make it through but left a bulge (not sharp) in the trim about 1/4" protrusion by 3/8" diameter. I'll get some pics for ya. $50

on picture# 35 , that piece of trim...if that is in good shape - no dings dents, i will take that. Front Fender side trim strip. Let me know on price.
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On picture 23 in the top of the picture is a piece of chrome trim that goes on the outside/top of the door. It is the trim that has the large holes that go the length of it. If that is for the left (drivers) door and is not damaged and just need to be rechromed I can use it. You can email me at pirate3200@aol.com with price ETC

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I am not sure what pieces you are describing... but I have this piece,; its the rear side quarter window chrome ledge piece. I also have this SS strip that wraps around thes side to the rear, starting at this piece location, and I have the hidden 'snap strip', metal piece, that holds the SS strip on to the body. If these are what you are looking for , let me know.



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Straigt eight and pirate. I have been looking and trying to find who makes the re-pops on the window frames, but haven't had any luck yet. As for the rest of the exterior parts, etc. I purchased quite a bit from this gentleman. Quite a bit was in really bad shape because the car had been rolled. Matt

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Cadillac Buick Convertible HT 1948 1949 Quarter Window Frames Buick 1949 Only | eBay

This is the listing on one of his quarter window frames that are repops. I'm not sure if these are for 42-48 Buick or not. He listed it as 48-49. While the 48 should be the same as 46 and 47, just don't want anyone rushing out and buying this without checking with him first. He just re-listed them today. Matt

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Welcome to the forum

Do you still have the front bumper over-rider?

And by any chance you don't have the driver's side front 1/4 window frame (as pictured, but need opposite) do you?

If you car is Aussie GMH made it could be different from a USA made car

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