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Lost my babbitter. :(

Guest Untame

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Guest Untame

This week The Engine Store in Winona, MN, is closing for good. The man who did the babbitting was 91 years old and very experienced -- he's now in Texas enjoying retirement (about time).

I've got another Delahaye engine I need babbitted, and I'd like to work with someone local. Can anyone recommend a babbitter in Western Wisconsin or Eastern Minnesota?

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Effingham Regrinding

Effingham Regrinding Home Page

They turned the crankshaft and did the babbitt on my 32 Packard straight eight and laid the crank a couple of years ago. They have been doing this forever and seem to have a lot of experience. The can even cut new camshafts as they have many of the old patterns.

Probably not any closer than Paul's in Mo suggested above.


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