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'63 401 w/ transmisison


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A guy here in the Kansas City area is replacing the 401 nailhead and Dynaflow in his '63 with a late model GM V8 and o/d transmission. The engine hasn't been run for a while but it will turn over by hand using only the fan. This will be a complete pull out - from pan to carb, fan to tailshaft, and exhaust manifolds. There's no indication of mileage. The car is not air conditioned so there's no compressor, thermal clutch, or shroud. The OE carb has been replaced with a Holley. Right now we're open offers on the entire assembly with pick-up in the Kansas City area. We (the body shop guy and myself) also have a '63 parts car. From it, we're using the front fenders, rear quarters, door skins, front inner fenders, and dash (the non a/c car is getting a Vintage Air unit but the owner wants to use OE vents.) Everything else is for sale (if it's still on the car.) Let me know what you need and shoot me an offer. I'll give you a realistic idea of what the condition of the parts are. The parts car is well optioned, but nothing extravagant (four note horns, etc.)


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