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1931 Model A Wood Models

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Guest IndyRob

My name is Rob, I have an 1980 Indy Trans Am and belong to the 301 GArage forum, a friend of mine in his 80's, used to work for Ford Motor Company as a wood model maker. In his spare time he made a couple smaller versions of model A's. I took a couple pictures of the 2 cars he has made. these were made in the 60's - 70's I beleive from Mahogony and Cherry. the third picture is all handmade including the wheels and the second and first picture is the same car with store bought wheels. Both cars have removable Hardtops. I am not sure if these are for sale, thought you guys might enjoy looking at them? What a great site and I will enjoy visiting it as well! the last 2 pictures are a couple of other things he has done, I'm going to post a link for him so he can read the comments, if someone wants to get in touch with him, email me and I'll forward the information, I think he wants these to end up at a good home, he has daughters and don't think appreciate the workmanship as much as car guys do!

Thanks and enjoy!






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