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55 dash removal


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I am trying to get the dash painted in time for a show this weekend and have run into an issue.

The upper dash came out fine but it looks like the lower dash is a #*$)# to get out.

The most immediate problem would be the heater controls. first, I don't want to break the control knobs but do they just pull straight off. I dont want to force them.

Next, the cables that connect from the controls to the vents etc. DO they all need to be disconnected (looks like a REAL pain) or is there an easier approach like disconnecting the controls from the dash front?



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Removing the dash is simple. First remove the front seat and steering column. Disconnect all the wires from where ever they go under the hood, disconnect the light switch, antenna lead, all the teleflex cables, and whatever else is connected to it. Then simply unscrew and remove rearward. See what I'm getting at? This ain't an afternoon's work..................Bob

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Sorry but I got somewhat engrossed in the removal process and got it completely out before checking back here!

Three items remain somewhat puzzling, the wiper, ignition and headlight switches. None of which are obvious in how I remove them from the dash.

Still, those three items to go and then it is sanding time. Happily, the local paint store managed to get a close match to a 55 Buick silver for the dash center.

Oh, and Mike you are probably right but the lower dash did have some scratches and scrapes etc...

Thanks for the feedback guys. Hopinh to have it in paint in the next 48 hours.


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