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Every Rivi has a Silver (Head ) Lining

Guest 1963 Riviera

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Guest 1963 Riviera

S'cuse the pun.

Greetings from a balmy Sydney Winter day.

My 63 has what I would say a Silver Grey Headlining. Although being in quite good condition it has mould issues (thanks guys for the previous advice on removing mould).

My curiosity got the better of me as I was curious to see what caused it in the first place. With the grateful help from the upholsterer we removed it and sure enough LOTS OF SURFACE RUST which had damaged the underside and certainly would come through eventually , so I guess a good idea to remove.. The removal was easy. The hard part was the removal of the insulation board between the liner and the roof. By the time I had finished I looked as If i had been working in a coal mine....Please don't tell me Its ASBESTOS. Yes I did wear a mask (cheap disposable type) and glasses.

So I started searching for a replacement with the advice from you guys in previous threads

In my search for a Silver Grey Bedford Grain I found

Stock Interiors has Silver Grey in Diamond Tier only (has anyone used this grain and how does it look ?)

CARS has what they list as "original" grain I guess is Bedford, in Black only. (do they do any other colors)

OPGI has Bedford in all colors bar Silver

And the winner is........

By popular opinion is CLARKS!..They carry Silver and describe the grain as "original" and by the poor photo it looks like bedford.

And so here are the questions if you could help.

I thought about getting a sample. On their site they request you add the color code (RHZ) to the end of SAMHL , what do they mean by that. I have No Idea.

Has anyone ordered their Silver ? how does it look ?

I have posted a few photos FYI especially for those of you who are thinking about doing the same.

I am happy to answer any questions.

BTW I am not a ROA member as every spare cent is going into this Resto. I can only work part time as I care for my very ill mother

But I give you my word I will join as soon as I get on top of things.

Thanks again for all the previous help, I don't know where I would be without this forum.

......sorry guys photos wont load.

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Guest 1963 Riviera

Thanks Gseago. Great work your doing ! Love your site

Hey Patrick I agree. I have Black Leather Vinyl and could not imagine any other color. It really is a beautiful match

Thanks for the tip . I will def go with them, Have not decided to go with the visors as yet. Mine are in good condition. If they don't get a good match . will buy them later

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Guest 1963 Riviera



Some nasty surface rust especially behind the panel in middle photo. Any suggestions on how to get to those hard to reach places. ?



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If I were you, I think that I would try some of Eastwood's Rust Converter, followed by some of their Rust Encapulator. This appears to be surface rust only; probably caused by evaporation and condensation. The same cycle that gets to the headliner sleeves causing them to rot, and causes mold on the headliner.


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