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1953 Dodge trucks Shop Manual and Driver's Manual--reprints

Guest 36chev

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Guest 36chev

My father owned a 1953 1/2 ton Dodge pickup truck for awhile and he has since sold it. These were left over. New reprints and very little used. In the Shop manaul, page 9 of the brakes section has had four lines highlighted in pink. In addition, B-4-B is written on the cover in small letters. He also had paper clips to hold pages--I've removed those. Otherwise unmarked and unstained. No torn pages. The Driver's Manual is completely unmarked with no stains or tears.

These Shop Manual is for the B-4 series. The Driver's Manual [Owner's Manual] for the models B-4-B and B-4-C.

Here are the pictures

Shop Manual

Driver's Manual

$25.00 for the Shop Manual + shipping. $8.00 for the Driver's Manual + shipping. $30.00 for both + shipping.


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