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A/C parts compatibility


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I suspect you can find something that will work IF you can find an a/c fittings catalog with the base compressor attachment fittings in it. Even an AC-Delco A/C Parts catalog. In addition to complete hose assys, they'll usually have illustrations and part numbers for the bare fittings (with the aluminum tubes welded to them, but no rubber hoses). Some have mufflers as a part of them, others don't. The mufflers come in different sizes and shapes. I suspect you can find something as long as you match the hose diameter. You can either decide to use the worm-gear a/c-rated clamps from back then or get it crimped. ONE thing would be whether or not you find one with "barbed" (what the factory muffler/fittings have from back then) or the "beadlock" version, which is compatible with the R-134a internal barrier hoses.

Whether it's in Murray, AC-Delco, or otherwise, I suspect you can find something. Some GM systems didn't use mufflers (as my '77 Camaro), but as many are configured for "inline" use, they are very easy to add. Due to a buzzing a/c condenser, at certain rpm levels, we added one to my Camaro.

I found a listing for a/c fittings in oriellyparts.com. Murray brand. If you've got an auto supply near you that's a larger one, hopefully "embedded" for many years, they might have a catalog you can look at.

Just some thoughts,


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