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1939 Buick Ivory Soap jingle winner cars


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I'm wondering how many of the '39 Buick Specials that Ivory Soap gave away are accounted for ? I know of 2 of them, and would like to try to find out where some of the other missing 58 are. For those who don't know what I'm talking about, Ivory Soap gave away 10 new 1939 Buicks each week to the 10 contestants who came up with the best jingle about Ivory Soap, for 6 weeks, for a total of 60 Buicks. Let me know if you know of any, thanks, Paul

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. . . . . I'm wondering how many of the '39 Buick Specials that Ivory Soap gave away are accounted for ?

Probably VERY FEW. They gave away 1940 Buick Specials also. :o

I saw one at a car show where the guy was washing his 1940 with ivory soap. Does that count?

Al Mack

BCA #8965

"500 Miles West of Flint"


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correction: changed NONE to VERY FEW. Thanks to the ' Duke of Earl '. (see edit history)
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Guest shadetree77
All I know about IVORY SOAP, is mom washed my mouth out a few times with a bar. She was good at making sure she scrapped it across my front teeth so the taste lasted awhile. I learned real fast, DON'T SWEAR. That should have earned me a new BUICK.

You got that right Dale!! The one and only time I ever got my mouth washed out with soap it was Ivory. I can still taste that shi.....uhhhhh...I mean STUFF! :P:D

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This is getting very interesting. In 1938, they gave away Studebakers, then in 1939, AND, in 1940, they gave away Buicks. I didn't realize that they gave away 1940's. I have an original magazine page about the 1939's, and didn't look close at the picture posted by Mr. Earl showing the 1940's. The dates of the contest on the '39 is from Jan. 22nd thru March 4th. It's hard to read, but it looks as though the dates for '40 start on Jan. 21st, and ends in March, but I can't read the date. The Studebaker dates are June 5th thru July 9th. Wonder why they did the first in June, then again in January, then January a year later. Maybe they weren't getting enough return on their money. Anyway, very interesting. I'm going to look at the '39 that is in the St. Louis area hopefully next Wednesday or Thursday, while the owner is in town to attend the Heartland Regional Show. It hasn't been touched or moved etc. since 1967. Should be a very fun trip. I will try to keep those interested informed, thanks, Paul

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