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Sunroof on '73 Riv


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I am desperately in need of help to get my sunroof working properly. The sunroof travels back and forth with ease but when it reaches against the front the rear will not raise. This has me completely stymied. I cannot figure out a solution. Is there anyone out there that can provide some help to me?? The two springs the compression spring on the pivot and the leaf spring seems to work against raising. The makers of the sunroof claim the springs are to prevent the panel from fluttering when the vehicle is driven at high speeds. Doesn't do any good if you cannot get it up there in the first place. Has anyone out there had this problem and solved it??? The design does not seem to be the best and to ask the small motor to raise the entire rear of the panel with just those two small pivots seems to be a huge task to ask of it. PLEASE HELP!!!!

Just Me/Lee



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