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Aluminum enclosed gooseneck trailer Featherlite ATC Intech T&E etc.

Guest Mark Rodgers

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Guest Mark Rodgers

WANTED Featherlite ATC Intech T&E Gold Rush Exiss etc.

DESCRIPTION: I am looking to buy an all aluminum enclosed gooseneck trailer like a Featherlite, ATC, Intech, T&E, Gold Rush, or others. I collect vintage funeral cars. ( Hearse, ambulance, flower car, limousine ) If you know of any of these cars for sale I will pay a finders fee. I need an all aluminum enclosed gooseneck trailer. I am going to put in living quarters if it doesn't already have them but I need 24 ft of garage when finished. My cars are about 22 ft long. If you know someone who might sell theirs let me know. Thanks


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