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57-59 Dodge Sweptside owners.

Reg Evans

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I put the serial# (84301288) of my '57 Sweptside into the decoder and it gave me the following message: "Serial Number 84301288 has a sequence number of 01288 that is out of range

or is a serial number not recognized by this decoder." Looking at the sheets on the website for 1957, 100 series, 8 cylinder implies that the number is logical but just not "recognized".

Fred Long

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I’m collecting pictures and info on sweptsides. I have close to 100 1957, 50 1958 and 35 1959. You can email me pics and info if you have one. Michaelbakotich@ca.rr.com


looking at this thread, I bought Reg Evans 58 and Fred’s 57 sweptside. Amazing how that worked out. Great owners and trucks. 




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