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unkown instrument cluster (dash)


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any ideas ?

Does the ignition switch lever on the left have a number on the back ?

If you could post a pic of the information on the gauges (looks like it says nagel but whats the rest ?) and post a pic of the back that will lend clues also. Any numbers you find on the back of the ignition switch will be very helpful.

Initially it looks like a 27-28 Chevy truck ignition switch.

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post-68188-143142380123_thumb.jpgbest that I can make out are pat. dates of 1924 and a marking of "N4" on the back side of the ignation...the Nagel gauge has "electric Toledo" under its name with a key & lighting bolt...rather small switch face - about 2 & 1/2" tall X 1 & 3/4" wide...same size as the face to the speedometer...


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Dave,since 5-10 years ago I have saved some clusters,speedometers,and gauges on my computer,most of that for helping other people with identifying on AACA- BCA and even on E-Bay.But I have stopped helping people on E-Bay that are not selling "world wide".

Leif in Sweden.

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