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Red Head on early Plymouths?


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No, I'm not talking about women ( cheesy.gif), but who can give me information on the "Red Head" high compression head for early Plymouths? I have a '29 U Roadster and apparently the red head was a high compression head "option" was supposedly standard on the roadsters...

Has anybody seen one? Had one? Is the head painted red as opposed to silver for the silver dome?

Just curious to know if this really existed...

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I think the first year for a high compression head option was '32 on the PB. The PB engine is quite different than your U with a water pump so it is not clear to me that the heads would swap with your car. For '33/'34 the optional cast iron high compression head was painted red. If you had the optional high compression aluminum head, it was "as cast" natural color.

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