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firing order for Overland


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I just got done with a two year build (was all taken apart) on a 1916 model 75 Willys Overland and need to know the firing order on the 153.4 cu. in. engine. The books I have tell me nothing.........It fires off a magneto and I know which is number one.....some help here

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Guest Al Brass

Most 4 cylinder engines are 1-3-4-2. An alternative would be 1-2-4-3. Give the first one a try and see what happens. The valve positions would confirm it by finding TDC #1 (#4 valves will rocking) and turn the engine in the correct rotation 1/2 a turn. Note which valves are rocking then. If the valves on #2 are rocking, it will be the first firing order quoted above, if #3 valves are rocking, it will be the second firing order.

Hope that helps.


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