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Leaky rear main

Guest 27oldcry

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Guest 27oldcry

Is it possible to replace the rear main seal in a 27 Chrysler 219 CI without removing and over hauling the engine

Thanks, JGG

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Guest cookie72-79

I'm going to answer this even though I know nothing about that particular engine, but as an engine re-builder for more then 20 years, I do know that all the early model engines used a rope seal and it is next to impossible to install the upper half with the crank in place. The later engines that used a neoprene seal could easily be installed with the crank in place, but there is just way to much interference with a rope seal. Now if you can remove the transmission, pull the oil pan, take the mains off the block and pull the crank down about a 1/2" then you could get the seal in, but you will want to oil it up really good because when you reinstall your mains, the seal will be very tight and if not oiled well enough, you will burn it out. But the proper way is to have the crank completely out of the way so you can roll the seal into place properly. They make a tool for seating the seal but you can use any object that has a smooth curve to it to press it into place and it isn't uncommon for a fresh rope seal to leak until it becomes saturated with oil and swells to seal it. JMHO

They do make a tool for installing a rope seal that slips over the rope and you can pull the rope up into the block with it, but you still need to pull the crank down a bit or it will just tear it up as you are pulling it through.

They may make a neoprene replacement seal for it also, if so then it would be an easy fix.

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