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Ava, my grandfather's 1938 Dodge D8 Sedan


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Very slow. Would you happen to have a 38 dodge passinger side sun visor for sale?
This post relates to the one just prior (#196) from "countrytravler" checking up on "120mm".

It would be proper Forum etiquette for "allsteel" to either start a new thread asking for parts or to send a PM to "countrytravler" with the question.

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what stage are you at as I am looking for a few parts .John
IMHO... Shouldn't we be supporting the path that "120mm" started some years ago rather than trying to "pick the bones clean"?

Maybe check with "countrytravler" in a PM. He has a parts car I think. Also, there is one in Canada that a contributor is trying to part with.

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I've taken it down to a body shell on a chassis. Fenders and front end off, broken glass removed and 2 tons of rodent defecation blown out.

I'll be honest; I am starting to regret having started. Plus the driving force behind doing this (my father) recently passed away.

I am seriously considering letting someone else take this on; If someone wandered by with some money and promised to take it away, I might be tempted.


Oh Nooooo!!! Come on Drew. Hang in there! Now is the time that progress starts showing itself! It may not LOOK like it but progress is happening! Your Dad would be happy just because you took on this project! It has this family connection and who better to see it through than a family member! I'm glad you MAY only be tempted! ;)

So, it sound like you have gotten quite a way along since you last reported! The "ratty" part of the interior is gone so "the boss" should be happier now (and you too I might add). With the front clip off you have massive access to the engine and front frame areas. So now the fun begins!

The glass is ready to take out to a glass shop to have replacements made. It is all flat glass so that is not a big deal. (I would make sure you are using safety glass for the replacements though).

So, has that #2 piston come loose yet? While the drive train is still whole, this may be the time to try and get the first rotation from the engine if you haven't already. Everything is in the wide open to work with. A good cleaning and machined truing of the head is ripe right now too.

Replacing the brake lines and rebuilding the wheel and master cylinders also would be much easier now with all the access room. Besides, you will want good brakes when you get 'er moving!

I think we talked about wiring earlier too. This may be the right time to replace the main body harness if you are still intending to keep with the original paint finish on the body. If you have changed your mind and intend to do a full paint job, then the harness should wait.

So, what do you think of all this at this point. Hope you don't "give up"! This is where the "fun" begins! Please keep us informed!

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Ditto on #207. Just relax, take a break and catch your breath. Don't take anything more apart for now. As far as #2 piston, what I once did was heat the cylinder wall with a propane torch, while applying penitraiting oil to the outer diameter of the piston. My theory here was that the cylinder would expand with heat, while the piston would contract from the cooler oil, thus createing a gap between the two, allowing oil to penetrate, and the piston to break free. My plan worked after pounding on it with a mallet and block of wood. I pushed the piston to the bottom of the bore, and then honed the exposed portion of the cylinder, then cleaned and vacuumed everything as best I could. The resultant pitting in the cylinder walls had no apparent effect on performance, except for perhaps slightly more blow by. The engine still has plenty of power and purrs like a kitten.

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So, I am bringing this 4 year old thread back from the dead.


I've been overseas, working, and Ava has been sitting in my back garage. I've returned at last, and I need to get her gone. 


The local junkyard will give $200 for her. If someone here wants her whole, and can pick her up while either restoring her, or giving other cars life through her parts, that would be cool. 


If not, I will consider if other people need parts before she goes to the scrap yard


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