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Guest Leroy Cook

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Guest Leroy Cook

I have a message on my 1991 Reatta screen. When I start the car a message comes up on the screen that says 'ERROR'. The car will run but until I determine what is going on I am letting it set!

I have tried to read 'codes' on the screen but the only thing that happens is the ERROR message. I did have a problem that the Reatta stalled and would not start. It was brought home on a roll back and as soon as it was unloaded it started. The next day this ERROR meassge thing started!

Anyone got clues to this?

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Guest Corvanti

i did a quick "search" and found this thread: http://forums.aaca.org/f116/infamous-1990-reatta-00-error-electrical-302918.html

until someone with more knowledge comes along, i'd go with removing the negative post to the battery for a minute or two and reconnect.

if that doesn't work, start cleaning all the grounds and make sure the battery cables are good: Ground Terminals & Junction Box Location - Reatta Owners Journal

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