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Door Glass removal PT105


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I am trying to remove the Door glass on my PT105..

I can get the door panel trim off and the associated handles and release the lower channel from the regulator. The manual I have says...


1940-42-Lower the glass as far as it will go. Remove the door trim panel. On the 1940 model, remove the garnish molding and the ventilator assembly. Remove the glass run from the door reveal. Remove the retainer washer lock wire from the front and rear lift arms and remove the washers from each regulator arm fig. 10. Unlock the regulator arms from the glass lower channel and raise the glass up about 4 inches. Remove tile glass by tipping it toward the front of the car fig. 11. until the glass run roller at the front of the glass assembly can be pulled through the large opening at the rear of the window opening.

But I guess I don't get it exactly what I need to do in order to tilt the window up and out of the door frame. I believe the only thing I have not tried is to unbolt the front run channel (closest to nose of truck) from the door. The rear channel looks welded in place.


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