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The all Time Neatest Goodyear Blimp Photo - 1930

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[TD=class: alt1, bgcolor: #F2F2F2]After a one and a half year search, we were finally able to buy a press photo that we have been searching for, that has proved to be elusive until now.

The photo shows the Goodyear Puritan mooring to the top of a Goodyear Zeppelin Corp 1929 Buick Bus, at the Washington D.C. Airport on November 23, 1930.

We also found a short film w/it and the Buick in it. The Buick was used to help it build up speed during take off, before releasing it. After it was moored to the Buick when landing, they used the bus for moving it around the airport.

Stop by for more details as we were able to find out a number of very interesting things out about the photo.[/TD]



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