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Interesting Buick on eBay 1941 Flxible

38Buick 80C

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OK seller says it is a 1942, as does the registration the seller has for the it . Obviously it not a 1942 based body. Based on the the engine and frame numbers it's a '41 Buick but to me it looks like a '40 cause of the front sheet metal.

Buick : Century ambulance hearse fire car in Buick | eBay Motors

Just sharing!

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adding that it looks like a 40 Buick (see edit history)
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Guest shadetree77

Wow! That would have to be a labor of love. My guess is you would basically be building an entirely new body for it. Dale, looks more like bullet riddled swiss cheese to me! :P

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I am sure Flexible bought more than one ROLLER at a time, so it sounds reasonable that they purchased it in 1940 and titled and labelled it when it was completed, IMO.

You would really have to WANT this and have lots of SKILLS, or DEEP POCKETS to save this piece. I wouldn't bet on this being the only one built, Flexible turned out a ton of stuff. They were well respected in my book.

Dale in Indy

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Wow thats a Duesy. Someone spent alot of money on red paint to make it look less intimidating. One too many zeros on the price and even then for someone restoring it they would need infinitely deep pockets.

It'd be great (and helpful to sell it) if they could round up some pics of what it looked like in its hey-day

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