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Looking for parts of '21 dodge car (brezent, bow)

Guest kobi555

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Guest kobi555


my father is a proud owner of an and a proud member of the dodge brothers club

(his car even appeared on the magazine front cover as you can see below).


He's looking for some parts for the car's top- the 1st bow (1 of 4 bows) and the brezent (or canvas, not sure what is the correct word),


I've searched for vendors on the dodge brother magazine, I've reached ROMAR DB, Tom and Cidney Myers & Mel's Leather and Horsehair, unfortunately they couldn't help me with what I want.

Does anyone know any other vendor of '21 dodge parts which may help me with these specific parts?

We're are planning on visiting the ACAA annual meeting on October and hoping to collect these parts while we're there.




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