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Nickel era side mirror--Hoeft & Company

Guest 36chev

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Guest 36chev

Can anyone tell may more about this mirror--what cars might have used it or if made for a specific vehicle? It looks to be from a fairly expensive, perhaps closed car of the late brass and nickel era vehicles. In Google Books, I found an 1912 advertisement for an almost identical mirror mirror (only difference it looked for be open car--had a clamp for the windshield frame).

The oval mirror body itself appears to be sold nickel (German silver?), because in buffing, it just kept on buffing more without going to a base metal. The arm appears to be nickel plated brass and the square mount (for four screws) looks to be nickel plated bronze. The glass is beveled and in excellent shape except for one small place on the edge where some of the silvering is gone. On the back of the mirror it says:




Below that is a logo that has HOCO in a diamond with a trade mark statment.

Here are links to some pictures (and yes, it is for sale--someone may contact me or I'll put it in the Buy/Sell forum once more is known)

Mirror picture one

Mirror picture two

Mirror picture three

Mirror picture four

Mirror picture five

Mirror picture six

Thanks for any help!

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Guest 36chev

Another thought: Could this also be for an open car with a flat wooden firewall/cowl? Or on a closed car, it could mount to a wide windshield frame. It looks like wood screws could be used to attach. Do you think this is for a larger car of the mid-teens through early twenties? Anyone seen one before? Thanks again for taking a look.

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