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Torque tube trauma… 1950 Buick Super

Guest roadmaster56

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Guest roadmaster56

I have finally mustered the courage to fix my leaky torque tube; and since I've never done this before, I'd appreciate any insights/hints you may have that will get me through this nasty job:(.

I've been reviewing all the previous posts and discovered there was an article in the Buick Bugle December 2009 entitled "RESEALING THE TORQUE TUBE" which outlines the whole procedure. Unfortunately, my Buick club membership has expired and I don't have that particular issue.

Would someone post that article online so I could take a look at it?

Many thanks,

David in Santa Cruz

PS I have heard that some reseal kits are better than others -- any advice on this? Also where best to purchase?

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Guest Straight eight

I have seen actual torque balls with the rubber vulcanized to the ball, and also some with the retainer vulcanized with rubber, both in an effort to eliminate the triangular seal. Don't know which worked, and which failed and which should be used.

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