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What an exciting week, Nothing but Classics..

Dandy Dave

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Sunday, My pal Louie calls me, can you help me with my Stutz. Yeah, I can be there tommorow because of a cancellation with the Vet. Monday, Off to work on Louies 1918 Stutz Roadster. Out of time,Timed and Fixed a few other small problems. Got it to run for a few seconds. Carburator needs cleaning. Louies workng on it.

Tuesday, back on the 1925 Cunningham. We are close to getting it road worthy. Mike did some re-wiring. Still need to do a few small things to get it ready.

Wednesday, 1929 Pierce... Installed the new head light ring retaining rings. I cannot ever remember working on three true classics in one week. What a roller coster ride. The wiring is comming along nicely and nearly complete.

Thursday, Install a hydraulic bucket cylinder on a 215 Cat Excavator. Over 25 year old. Not automotive, But Yup, it is a classic in ACMOC eyes.

Friday, I was spared working on the brakes on an early 90's Ford Truck as someone had the place I went to in a shambles and I could not get it in the shop. Came back home to work on a Farmall A tractor with trans and PTO Issues. Another Cassic among Red Power tractor Collectors... They just keep comming. I want to know, is there anyone that works on a bigger variety of stuff, or has more fun doing it than than Dandy Dave??? :confused:;)

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