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1923 Hand Throttle & Spark Advance Levers

Guest AussiePhil

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Guest AussiePhil

I an restoring an Australian built car with levers similar to 1923 Buick.

Can anybody help with information about the friction rubbber blocks that rub on the quadrant?

I presume there should be a spring inside. One of mine is seized solid with a black material but there seems to be a minature bronze bush inside.

What material is used for the rubbing blocks?

What size and shape should they be.

Hope someone can help.

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Depending on the year and model, the spring sits inside a hole that accepts a Tee shaped slider that is made of brass and plated with nickel in cars through the early 20s... I have seen substitute materials used such as nylon or other plastics to increase the resistance.

Cars from the teens actually had spring loaded cylinders with vee points that fit into notches machined into one side of the quadrant.

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AussiePhil and Mark, I believe I heard someone mention once that the material in the quadrant rub block was soapstone. Mark is right in that there is a little spring

keeping pressure against the quadrant edge.

Terry Wiegand

Doo Dah America

1916 Model D-45

1920 Model K-46

1922 Model 22-6-48

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