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bent bumper bracket

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If you heat the bracket up I bet you could un-bend it. It would not be a spring any more but you are probably not planning on using the bumpers as bumpers either :).

If it were my car I would keep looking. There was somebody parting out a 40 commander on e-bay a couple months ago. I am 99% sure those brackets are the same. Maybe if you look at closed auctions you can contact them.


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I had bent brackets on my 39 champion bents so badly that when I found some on ebay I bought them once they arrived one was bent and one was prefect I used the good one as see the shape and managed to bend the 3 bent up ones back into prefect shape by moving them around in the vise over bending them back into shape using a 4 foot bar it worked good and they still have the spring in them.


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